Week 2 Overview

This week is Picture Week for the BlackCats. Please arrive 30 minutes prior to your scheduled game/practice time on Sunday. Pictures will take place outside the Field House in the hallway. Please show up early as game times will start late if the team is not done taking pictures at their allotted time.

Picture forms will be available at the Field House on Sunday if you do not have one. Make checks payable to ‘Fox Photography’ if you are paying by check. You can view the prices for the photo packages in this attached photo.

Parents, please have all kids on the team show up for the photo, even if you are not ordering anything. All boys can be in the team photo regardless if they are ordering anything or not.

Player Rotations
Coaches(3rd/4th & 5th/6th grades), this is the week that player rotations are set for the rest of the season until the tournament starts. If you are unfamiliar or unsure of how the rotation works, please read ‘How the Rotation System Works‘ or ask one of the board members BEFORE your game tomorrow. We will check the scorebooks before the game starts to confirm your rotation.


A Couple of issues

The High School had a couple of issues with the first week of BlackCats. Please read the following as it takes all of us working together to make the BlackCats a successful organization.

1 – There is absolutely no smoking inside the school. If you are caught smoking in the school, you will be asked to leave. I cannot believe this needs to be addressed.

2 – No dribbling in the halls.  I know we mentioned this before week 1, but there were a few young men running the halls with basketballs. This week, if we see anyone doing this the ball will be taken away until they are ready to leave. High School Administration, who have kids in our league, is very serious about this.

3 – Pick up your garbage!!!! This is half of the mess left behind in the Main Gym last week. We are better than this!